Wirraminna Care

Southern Barossa Region
30 Years of Care
Small Facility Size

Picture the type of aged care facility that you would want for your loved ones.

Picture that place set within a community that owns, has fundraised for, and has built this over the years, so that people who love where they live don’t have to leave when it comes time for extra care.

Picture the ‘op-shop’ down the road with its dedicated volunteers lovingly raising funds to support the good works.

Picture the community member who both shops and volunteers there because they know where the funds go.

That’s Wirraminna. It’s not just an aged care facility – it’s a community!

 Services offered

    Friends of Wirraminna Projects

    • Catering Group
    • Village Workshop/Men’s Shed
    • Pioneers – Men’s Chat group
    • Community Garden
    About US


    what makes us special

    Wirraminna care has won numerous awards for its excellent standards of service, including the Nursing Excellence Award for Residential Aged Care. 

    Continual Accreditation

    Wirraminna won a consecutive Accreditation with Merit. Wirraminna was the first and only Residential Care Facility in South Australia to win this award twice. 

    Local Team

    We pride ourselves on having a local team. We don’t use agency staff, so our team members get to know all our residents and their families.

    Embrace Diversity

    We embrace and encourage diversity in our team and residents. 

    Our History

    Wirraminna Care (formerly The Abbeyfield Society District of Barossa) was established by a group of committed Williamstown community members who recognised that there were aging locals who faced having to leave their community due to a lack of local aged services available.

    Following extensive fund-raising, the first component of Wirraminna Care was established in 1989 with the purchase of 8 SA Housing Trust rental units. This provided secure housing for both singles and married couples. This was followed by the completion of a Hostel, which provided communal living for 11 people along with a live-in housekeeper under the International Abbeyfield Aged Care Housing concept.

    The next component of Wirraminna Care was the establishment of several License to Occupy units, which along with the original rental units, make up our Retirement Village today.

    In 1996 the hostel-style care was adapted into the residential aged care model we have today with 11 high care bed licenses.

    In 2011 Wirraminna was able to expand into a 23-bed facility following a large bequest from a local identity. Originally, the newly built rooms were for independent affordable housing, however, the need for more care arose and the Commonwealth Government granted 12 more high care licenses. This brought the building to the current status of a 23 bed aged care facility. The 12 new rooms were larger, giving the ability to accommodate married couples within the same room if needed.

    ‘Wirraminna’ (Wattle scrub) was the name given to the original 8 Housing Trust rental units in the early 1980s. This aboriginal name was a nod to Williamstown’s history, as wattle bark stripping was one of the early major industries in the Williamstown area.

    Although greatly respecting the Abbeyfield concept, the need arose to change the name in May 2019 and launch into a new era of care for our community. ‘Wirraminna’ seemed a perfect choice of name for our new entity, as it was the name given to the very first component of our establishment.

    In 2022 an extension to the aged care facility was completed. This included a further 9 new rooms, spacious communal and activity areas and a second indoor courtyard. This was due to the successful application for a grant from the Commonwealth Government along with a further 9 bed licences. Today Wirraminna Care offers a modern, clean and comfortable 32 bed aged care facility.

    It is with great pride that we reflect on how far our community-owned establishment has come and with great excitement that we look toward the future.

    Our Vision, Mission & Values

    Our Vision

    Wirraminna Care is the preferred provider of quality aged care services in the Southern Barossa.

    Our Mission

    To support and care for the ageing in our community by ensuring:

    • there is an integrated continuum of local Aged Care whether in their home, as the need to downsize occurs then in residential aged care, which is the core of our aged care operations
    • their wellbeing is provided for in a professional and safe manner in a homely environment with a caring culture
    • we engage and respond to the Aged Care sector’s evolving needs
    • we have a strong and progressive leadership in a healthy, sustainable, quality and compliant organization
    • we advocate and campaign for the wellbeing and rights of the elderly within our community.


    Our Values

    • Care
    • Compassion
    • Respect
    • Integrity
    • Trust
    • Commitment