About Us


Picture the type of aged care facility that you would want for your loved ones. Picture that place within a community that owns, has fundraised for, and built this place over the years, so that people who love where they live don’t have to leave when it comes time for extra care.
Picture the ‘op-shop’ down the road with its dedicated volunteers lovingly raising funds to support the good works.
Picture the community member who both shops and donates there because they know where their dollar goes.

That’s Wirraminna. It’s not just an aged care facility – it’s a community!


Wirraminna was formed as a not-for-profit organisation in December 1987.

The first facility was home to 11 residents and opened in 1989 to great community celebration. Recently extended in 2011, it is now home to include high care up to 23 residents, plus a small retirement village of 13 units.

Vision Statement

Wirraminna will provide people with support and encouragement to be involved, extend themselves, build self-esteem and meet new challenges

Wirraminna Today

Currently there are 45 paid staff and 60+ volunteers (growing every day!). Outside of providing award-winning aged care the Wirraminna community offers leisure and health programmes, a community garden, day respite and community meals.

Wirraminna has never been content to be ordinary or mediocre. From the old photos of residents in the dining room, to the games, bowls, bingo, community singalongs and music sessions. This is a home in the true sense of the word.